Photorealistic 3D Hi-Fi Model Demo

Hello friends,

I am glad to share our latest 3D model, Mu-so Wood Edition wireless system - Mu-so Wood Edition 3D
(The global marketing campaign started just yesterday).

The 3D model was manually created in C4D from manufacturer’s PDF blueprints. The model size is less than 8 Mb with textures, which are prepared especially for Babylon.js render.
It was really interesting to work on it because it has very different materials - wood, cloth, metal, acrylic glass etc.
Most of the work is done at model level so applied effects are very subtle - only MSAA and glow layer. The model is demonstrated without any shadows, on transparent canvas with CSS background.

Previous model demo with Christmas ball - Mu-so Qb 2 - Merry Christmas, с Новым Годом 2021!


Pretty rad!!!