Naim Mu-so Qb 2 - 3D Model Demo for landing page

Yesterday there was the small jubilee for me - 50 days at Babylon forum :slight_smile: Before that we (our small studio) never did 3D for Web.
And here is our - already - second commercial demo: Naim Audio Muso Qb 2 wireless musical system -
Product landing page with 3D iframe
(The top panel color in our model is a bit lighter than in reality in order to have necessary visual contrast with black background.)
All dimensions are as in manufacturer blueprints.
In comparison with the first model this model is much better prepared and optimized for the Web - just 6 Mb with all textures (by the way, most of them are not power of 2). Of course, there are some simplifications, which still are not important for the whole effect.
The scene page is as minimalistic as it could be - Rotate and Home icons at the top-right and a bit bigger Buy icon at the bottom-center.
From the first sight the scene looks still, but there is Glow layer on emissive textures with intensity changing from 0,35 to 0,7 and back. It allows to create nice and inobtrusive effect for the area around the wheel and, together with some glass/clearCoat reflections, get the pleasure from the effect of glowing Naim logo when you move the camera. On the back panel the status LED changes its emissive colors - purple, white, red, also attracting some attention to the connectors panel and to the strict engineering beauty of back panelโ€™s heat radiators.
There are NO LIGHTS at all - only studio environment texture + standard Tonemapping.
For the better visual impact of the scene some of the materials of GLTF model were additionally tuned.
Glass postament - ClearCoat for even better glass feeling.
The upper panel from brushed anodized aluminium was intentionally made just a bit more metallic (glossy) than in model.
A small amount of Sheen on metallic case with very light yellow color gives nice effect, especially around the wheel interface. - you can play here :slight_smile:

I found that it is extremely convenient to use Playground for creating rapid scene prototypes which you can easily access and edit from any place as well as show them to other or ask for help :slight_smile:
And, once again, I am very grateful for the documentation, which not only immersive, but also understandable even without the deep knowledge of JS and has a lot of working examples. Also thank you for all your help at the forum!

The effect of glowing Naim logo is seen even at low quality 6 seconds video made at the Playground and uploaded to Youtube:

This is really cool. Thanks a lot for sharing it back