Physics change while I open console (F12)

Hi, while I was creating my program in babylon.js I’ve found a great problem, hope isn’t a bug but I think that.
In my code there is an object (in the playground below it is rappresented with the ExplosionBarrel), I’ve implemented the drag & drop function and WHEN PROGRAMMERS CONSOLE IS CLOSED everything works well. The problem appears when we open the console (open that with f12 key), in the playground below the barrel moves much faster than when the console was closed but in my program the problem is much more serious. The thing that makes me laugh is that if we close again the console phisics return normal… Someone can explain me how phisics can change opening and closing the console? I’m losing my mind

Here the example playground (try to move the barrel with mouse when console is closed and than try after opening the console, the speed increase a lot…):

I don’t think I repro. can you please do a video?
does the framerate varies? did you try to set fixed framerate instead of variable one when creating the physics plugin?
does it repro with other physics engine?
physics can change if there is a lot of logging for example. CPU consumed at that might not be available for physics or rendering.

I’ve tried with other physics engines and the problem persists.
How to set fixed frame rate instead of variable?

Here the video of the bug, while console is closed the little box collides with an invisible wall and doesn’t fall from the rack. When console is opened if I make the little box slide in that direction it doesn’t collide with the invisible block and falls.
Bug video

set false to _useDeltaForWorldStep
smae for v1 plugins

Thank you but it doesn’t work, I’ve tested on firefox and everything works well… The problem appears only on chrome, do you have other ideas?

Is your Chrome up to date? Did you find same behavior elsewhere in forum? Does it happen with other JS engine doing the same thing?