Physics for hollow cylinder

Hello everyone,

I’m new to “babylonjs” - just started exploring this wonderful rendering engine.

I have a relatively simple task to accomplish - fill in hollow cylinder with the bunch of marbles.
I don’t have any problems with modelling but at the moment I’m a bit stuck with the physics. As far as I understand, there is no “PhysicsImpostor” for hollow cylinder out of the box so I decided to create a “.babylon” object with Blender and use AbstractMesh + MeshImpostor. Unfortunately the problem stays the same: my marble is not going inside.

I see there are some workarounds:

Any tips / suggestions are very welcome.
Thank you.

Playground: Babylon.js Playground

pinging @RaananW or @Cedric

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Hi @thgala

MeshImpostor should work just like in the pointed samples. Let me check that :slight_smile:

The mass for the cylinder mesh impostor was not 0. MeshImpostor only works for non dynamic mesh with a mass of 0.


Jesus! Thanks a lot for incredibly fast response.
Same @Deltakosh

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