Physics gravity value in scene resets when project is played [Babylon.js NEWBIE]

this is my first post on this forum so I’ll get to it. I’m working on some silly project and whenever I go into the inspector and select the scene, then go to properties and change the physics and collisions gravity to some value (I put -50 for y), and finally play it… it resets. I also tried to mess with the time step thing and it did too. what do I do? its probably something real simple, I’m also a beginner.

Welcome to the community, let me add @Cedric our physix genius to the thread.

If you press to the playbutton after your change in the inspector, everything will be reset by the JS code.
Inspector helps changing properties of the current scene state.
If you need persistent chage, then you’ll have to do modifications in the code.

alright, I’ll look into what to add for the gravity