PhysicsImpostor OnPhysicsCollide point error

According to docs, we can detect the point of collision between two physical bodies.
In fact, the point is always undefined: PG.

I really need that point (particularly in collidedAgainst.object local coordinates).

cc @Cedric our physix GURU

This is only available with AmmoJS

So sad. Is there any other way to get the collision point?

that’s something I want to improve with V2 physics plugin. It will take a few months before getting there.

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I think I found a workaround. Collision point can be extracted from collider.object.position.
So, the full solution in local coordinates of target can look like this:

const impactPoint = point || collider.object.position;
const localImpactPoint = impactPoint.subtract(collidedAgainst.object.position);
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