Playground Compare Tool

I’m pumped to announce that, thanks to @sailro (Not sure he has a forum id yet), we can now do comparison between two versions of a PG:

To do so, you just need to hit the new Compare button:


Excellent. Only took 2 secs for me to try ESC to return to PG :smiley:

Yeah maybe we need to add a button for that?

greaaaaaaat :blush:

@JohnK I fully agree the initial prototype was a bit sketchy, so I made a new PR today to refine the experience :slight_smile:


Thanks mate!

Excellent evolution, in addition to the close button the ability to move through PGs is great. It is so good that I feel like Oliver Twist in the workhouse - “Can I have more please sir.”.

The current snippetId is found in the address bar. Would it be possible as you use the next and prev buttons to display the comparisionId? Being really, really greedy, how about then using the displayed comparisonId as a link to open that PG in a new window.

Good to have you in the community.