Playground Engine

I have some issue where I can’t have the same result between the playground and my local BabylonJS test.

For instance, when I set the engine option preserveDrawingBuffer to true, I have this behavior where former frames are still drawn:

I see that in the playground the engine start with that same option but we don’t see the same thing:

What do you do in the playground to avoid having this behavior above with the preserveDrawingBuffer option set to true?

Thanks a lot!

This happens when: scene.autoClear = false;

Maybe you have set this property to false?

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Good catch @Dad72!

I didn’t know we needed to avoid autoClear with the preserveDrawingBuffer option.

no on the contrary you NEED it else the frames are preserved

Yes you are right. I think I wanted to mean “we need to avoid changing autoClear” :crazy_face: