Playground error "TypeScript not registered"

Heya, I came across an issue where if a TypeScript playground link is opened in a browser where JavaScript was last used in the playground, then there’s the error “TypeScript not registered” and the page fails to load. However if TypeScript was the last language used in the playground then it loads fine.

babylon.playground.js:16 TypeScript not registered!

To reproduce it, save the default TypeScript playground, switch to JavaScript, hit reload and it fails. Or if you were in JavaScript the last time you visited the playground with your current device and browser, then the error can be reproduced by clicking on any TypeScript playground link, such as below.

@RaananW might have an idea :slight_smile:

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i can reproduce that, i’ll check what happened.


Any news @RaananW ?

Sorry, delayed this one a bit.

I’ll fix that later today or tomorrow.

This issue is resolved with this PR:

Playground - Typescript is not registered issue by RaananW · Pull Request #11554 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (