Playground is broken?

This morning none of the playground examples is loading in Chrome or Firefox:
and the error is the same everywhere:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).qrcode is not a function
at MenuPG.showQRCodes (menuPG.js:1)
at new MenuPG (menuPG.js:1)
at new Index (index.js:1)
at index.js:1

Has this been broken by a recent release?


Could you try reloading the page holding the shift button?

The playground was updated, but it seems like you have an older version in cache for some reason

I have my dev console open and doing “Empty cache and Hard Reload” (multiple times now). That should be clearing my cache…
Will keep trying… Does it load for you?

Yep, it does.

Do you have any error in the network tab?

No errors in the Network tab. I also disconnected from my company’s VPN to try to see if that might be the culprit - didn’t help. Just out of curiosity - will the playground still work for you if you do a Clear Cache/Hard Reload? Maybe you have a cached version of working one?

Ok, false alarm! It does seem that it’s our company proxies that block the playground. Thanks for checking.

Since I am the one making the changes to the playground, I can promise you that this is not the case.

Any reason for that? are we hosting files on blocked servers?

Our company has blacklisted and a few playground resources are coming from there:

This will soon change, once we move our preview CDN to a new server

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Ok, thank you, that’s good to know! How soon would you say (days, weeks, month)?

Will probably happen this weekend. either this one or next one.

:+1: Thank you. Looking forward to it.