Playground rating and import system

I’m a newcomer but I think babylonjs could gain a bit more community traction by having a quality indexing systems for the playground, such as:

  • Usage frequency graph (like npm)
  • A rating component (maintaining for instance a tag of total votes and total stars, and a way to sort search results by popularity/usage)
  • Official tags for explanatory, template, impressive, prototype or otherwise valuable snippets that are not necessarily found through the documentation or blogs (although usage count should roughly reflect it).
  • Curated lists in the documentation/on github
  • Importing other template snippets (such as higher level components not (yet) in babylonjs, without cluttering the code).

I also proposed React support in the playground, which apparently would be a minor change in monaco configuration.

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Hi! and welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

Those are all great suggestions.

As Babylon 5.0 release date is nearing we don’t have a lot of time to work on playground improvements. But we do have that under the radar. We are planning a few changes with babylon packages and the release pipeline, which will also enable some of your suggestions out of the box.

We do have something like that - there is a list of examples in the playground that is populated by the documentation page. It is curated (maintained? :-)) by @PirateJC , and I am sure he will be happy to add other examples if needed.

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