BabylonJS playground snippets and examples for GitHubCopilot


I’m excited to using GitHub Copilot. As I know, to learn it uses the public code on the github.
And BabylonJS’s playground have a lot of useful and working snippets. It’s probably would nice to use them as a part of Copilot dataset. With this feature we can have more useful and productive suggestions while working with Copilot.
As I guess, although playground examples are public the GitHub Copilot doesn’t have access to them, and don’t see them.

So, I propose to ship (sync) playground examples to some public repo like

What you think about it? And do you use the GitHub Copilot?

Would be cool :slight_smile:

Probably someone from BabylonJS team who is in charge of the the Playground service can comment here my propose? Does it real, does it hard?

It would be pretty hard even if we collected a currated list from the doc as we are not sure how we could influence in any ways the copilot results :slight_smile: I will ping the team there to try and see if it would be worth it.

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LOL! I thought I can define how Copilot is old.
I wrote "Last version of BabylonJS is " and copilot says me “Last version of BabylonJS is 5.0.0-alpha.50”.
Ok, I go to BabylonJS releases, aaaaand:

Is it trolling by AI? xD