Playground samples of snapping don't work

Hi all,

Currently switching from ThreeJS/A-frame to Babylon for a 3d planner tool. Doing some research for how things work over here in Babylon, and looking for good examples of snapping when dragging entities.

Fond a couple of PG examples but a lot of them doesn’t work. Changing engine version doesn’t help either, no errors. I get that old samples isn’t reliable, but being completely new in Babylon world I just want to make sure Im not missing something trivial.

This one would also be great to be able to test:

Hello and welcome!

Could you tell a bit more what do you mean with “doesn’t work”?
Here is a small video where I opened both of your examples and they seem to work.
Which browser do you use?

For me, in the red box playground, it loads fine the first time, but if i don’t change anything at all and click the play button to rerun it, the scene bugs out for me. The boxes disappear and the controls become non-interactive.

this pg works for me. an example of a gizmo with an option to toggle snap on and off.

draggable with constraints . probably useful for a 3d planner.

found another good one. minimal ex of drag and snap box


Thank you!

I can do the same, which is hovering the boxes and get visual response. But I can’t do any dragging or manipulation, which I believe is the purpose of the demos?

Using Brave / Chrome.

Thank you, good examples with some of them new to me!

Must say this kind of active and helpful community is like breathing fresh air for the first time, coming from a-frame which is a lonely place.