Playground search incorrect results

It seems like the playground search functionality is no longer quite working as intended, I assume following the changes announced a few weeks ago:

The search type no longer seems to affect the results:

all have the same search results, and most notably for the tags search, none of the returned results are tagged with the search term (“world”).

It also seems like code search itself is a bit hit and miss, for example (trying to match this pg):

I’m also unsure if there’s a way to only return exact matches. This search returns two results that match exactly (including the playground above), and two that do not. (And again, oddly, searching for just the “MeshBuilder.CreatePlane” part of the above search yields no results).

ping @RaananW

You know, I extensively tested that before deploying against the search index. However, I did not check it against the proxy server (which was not planned initially). And lo and behold, you are totally right.

I am deploying a new version right now that will fix the issue with the search field selection not working.

Regarding the second comment - first, the search index has no reference to the BABYLON namespace, so searching for BABYLON. would yield no results (or better yet - will be ignored). I’ll need to see why it doesn’t search MeshBuidler.CreatePlane correctly. It does search MeshBuilder .CreatePlane, so it seems like a small syntax issue (or an interesting indexing issue).
I have it assigned to me, i’ll run a few tests in the following days.

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