Playground site failing to load for macOS Safari

The site (and any playground examples hosted on this site) fails to load on my macOS Safari (works fine in chrome and firefox in macOS).

I’m using the latest version of Safari (12.1.1) on macOS High Sierra (10.13.6). I’ve not changed any experimental settings from their defaults (for example WebGL 2.0 remains disabled).

The site starts to show the loading screen, then quickly says “the webpage was reloaded because of a problem”, does this rapidly a few times then fails with “A problem repeatedly occurred with”. No other information on the javascript console.

I’ve not had any issues with other sites nor my own babylon sites (currently running “Babylon.js v4.0.3 - WebGL1” from local source).

I’ve noticed this for the last few days but couldn’t say for sure when it started - it might have been since I upgraded Safari to the latest version but not sure if this is the cause.

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It’s working fine for me on macOS Mojave 10.14.3 and Safari 12.0.3.

Works here as well (mojave 10.14.3)

Does it work for anyone with Safari 12.1.1? I think this may be the key issue.

Just to update on this, since upgrading from macOS High Sierra to Mojave (10.14.5) yesterday the playground loads correctly now (though still did not just prior to update). My Safari version is unchanged at 12.1.1, so it looks like it was ether an issue with High Sierra running Safari 12.1.1 (can anyone else confirm?) or the Mojave update fixed something that was broken.

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