Playground works but not my HTML!

My Question is easy: What am I doing wrong? In the Playground everything works fine. So what do I have to change, that it works as a html? Thank you

My Code:

html code

Welcome to the forum!
It would be nice to see your Playground example.
As for your code, from the first sight I see you load babylon.js 2 times - one is enough; and I didn’t see in your HTML page where do you load JQuery which you call (jQuery.getScript).

thanks for your fast answer!
The link to the example must be THIS
Its showy that the message apeers “insts is undefined” when the site has been the first time loaded. After you re-run the code it works!

I’ll try out your solution ideas tomorrow, because now i have to sleep.

This is because the first time you go through here:

so you are not initilazing the inst array therefore insts[5] is undefined on line 48