Meshwriter jquery error on examples


i am getting a jquery error:
Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined

i am downloading the playgrounds from:

and running locally and am getting that error, any solutions ?

thank you!

Both PGs referenced in this Github page do work for me:

Forgot this part…

Make sure you included jQuery in your html page ($ is an alias for jQuery).

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actually the palyground has already a jquery reference

It sounds like the environment in a locally running playground does not have jQuery. I don’t understand much about that situation but the remedy will be to modify the playground after download.

As Evgeni_Popov offers, you can incorporate jQuery. You can also load MeshWriter one of the other ways that does not use jQuery.

FWIW, my dev environments always have jQuery, even though I almost never use it. It is likely to be a dependency of some other utility I need. It’s just part of the background.

the playground download had “jquery incorporated” a reference script. for some reason THAT jquery wasnt working. i am using now:


and that reference is working, i dont know why :slight_smile: thanks!

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