Playing many skinned model animation in the playground

Babylonjs has offered so many project and game design opportunities on different platforms, pains that some android devices are still trying to live up to its expectations. i was working on a project which i want to be made available for all android devices at least 4.0 upward, i needed like 30 animated characters working in the scene, i got my hand on a rusty samsung s5 and i was getting a bare minimum of 8fps, I cant use the createInstance functionality because there are different models. Is there any way to improve my circumstance?:smile::smile:

Well… the samsung S5 is from 2014, soon 5 years old, can’t expect it to run everything at 60 fps :smile:

Use Low resolution textures, combine textures in a textureAtlas,
use Low poly models,
and Low key animations ( less / fewer keys ) …

basicly, anything that can be reduced to use fewer resources :slight_smile:

i’m sure there’s 100 other things that can be done, but that’s what i remember.

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All what @aWeirdo said :slight_smile:

Also I would limit the number of influencers and bones in your animations to the bare minimum. Last I would tend to not run at full native pixel ratio.

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Haha :smile: thanks!!