Skilled Babylon.js developer needed for Browser development

We are developing a Avatar solution for our business customers based on Babylon.js. Until now the animations and expressions are limited, but we want to change this!

The Avatars should have more and better expressions when they communicate with humans. Our system will provide a variety of different sensor inputs (f.e. human in front, male/female, standing left/right etc.) and the avatar should react with movements, animations and different sentences (“Please come closer”, done by our engine). In this, the Avatar should be able to play various animations, based on system and user input (f.e. “Hello #ANI/wave” would show the waving animation)

Furthermore, the glb files should be splitted between Textures and Animations to be able to dynamically change the Animations without having to re-render 30+ Avatars. So we would have one glb file for the avatar and another one (or many) with 50+ animations.

Next task would be to build a Avatar configurator, where we can change colors and textures, and save glb files, to use them in our system.

Those Avatars will run online in Browsers.

best Dimitrios


When you mean android mobile, do you mean converting webapp to native app using ionic, or using babylonjs native support?

Hey there, I will update the description, since we don’t need the Android mobile support anymore. (We were using Babylon Native before)