BabylonJs basic scene is lagging inside Samsung devices(s22 Ultra)

I have tried to open this basic scene inside Samsung S22 Ultra but we get to see so much lagging. and the overall experience is not smooth

This not an easy thing to answer. I did just try the pg, directly (no pc debugger / emulator thing) , on a new Flip4. Scene is pegged @ 60 fps, and responsive.

No idea on how a Flip 4 relates to a s22, or even what an s22 Ultra is. Maybe try a different device

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This is really strange knowing the entire webgl stack is

and the cpu is almost not in use

Could it be a S22 global webgl slowliness ?

Is it only that scene that lags or other scenes do too?

Pretty weird indeed I have a S21 ultra which is the previous generation (It’s a Samsung phone btw :rofl: ), opened the scene and it runs smoothly at 60 FPS. I even tried setting battery consumption to maximum and the screen resolution to the max ultra HD and still 60…

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Running this on a 2020 Samsung Flagship phone and it runs 60fps.

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