Please welcome the new Playground:)

We switched the playground to the new color and identity:)
We also added support for more previous versions as it could be useful for everyone’s testing

Hope you folks like it!!


Cooooooool. Fancy! Purrrrrdy. Can I drive it down to Rodeo Drive and try to pick-up some Hollywood girls… with it? I’ll wash’n’wax it on the way. I bet it’s fast, huh? Vrooooom! You guys make me look good, DK.

“That’s right, girly… I AM a BabylonJS superstar. See my car? Yep, a one-of-a-kind from Delta Dodge Customizations in Seattle. HOT!” :slight_smile:

Congrats DK’n’Friends. Nice nice nice! Monaco editor, so likely same hotkeys. Just so control slash still works. :slight_smile: It does, of course. I’m going to go play on the new playground. Look at the cool woodchips under the monkey bars… to protect me from my MANY “falls”… from trying demented things! YAY!

And one of my favorite things about the new PG is that it works on mobile :smiley:


You mobile folk are going to get Flat Fingertips Syndrome. :slight_smile:

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Very cool !

Very nice!

The only issue I have is the highlighted Typescript tab. When I first saw it I was thinking that this is supposed to be Typescript (especially when clicking it and it just reloads the current javascript PG).

Pinging @PatrickRyan for feedback

:slight_smile: Not really highlighted. It’s just colored “TypeScript Tangerine” :smiley:

I think a newbie would look at that and think that they are currently on the Typescript PG.

Yeah, it got me, too. Momentary confusion… for sure.

A dropdown like what is used for the BJS version would make more sense to me.

Awesome, really appreciate it :smiley:

I can see the confusion about the color. We definitely want the header color to change based on if you are using javascript or typescript so that there is no confusion about what mode you are in. I can look at the drop down option, but we want it to be obvious that there is another option other than Javascript and having typescript in the header does promote that the playground works with typescript to people who may not realize it.

I will do a couple of studies to see what we could do to clear up any confusion. Thanks for the feedback!


Possibly a Language header with a drop down for Typescript or Javascript?

If the current PG is in Javascript and you switch to Typescript the current PG holds, and vice versa. Perhaps a switch should change to the basic scene in the appropriate language?

Maybe a tiny css effects like shadow and/or underline could do the trick?

This new version looks nice, great job.

Great stuff!