Typescript playground makes me anxious

TS PG is red. I feel like “I did something bad or something is broken”.
Am I the only one like this? I really would be okey if TS PG was blue or something.

I see now, that’s because BJS logo is red. Maybe PG can be white or grey?

Adding @PatrickRyan :slight_smile:

@nekochanoide, you are correct in that we chose the red from our color palette for the Typescript version of the playground. There are many reasons we chose that color from the palette rather than others, but the largest one being contrast. The fact that you noticed the color change so drastically is key here. We want people to know, at a glance, if they are in a typescript or a javascript playground since playgrounds are used as examples often. I understand your conception that red can mean broken, though those are usually a more saturated, bright red warning. But other colors can carry meaning as well with grey usually meaning something is disabled, and white in a header can even look like the site is somehow broken and not loading the header.

We knew that this reaction would happen for some people, but with any user interface there is a certain learning curve when first using it. Familiarity comes though repetition, and while it’s usually helpful to fall back on common patterns from other UI experiences, there are times when you need to break the mold for a good reason.

Right now, we don’t have an extensive approved color palette, but that could change in the future as needs arrive. I don’t see us changing the colors right now as frequent changing can disrupt any progress your users have made in their use of your experience. Thanks for the feedback, because we always want to hear what our users are feeling.