PointerEventType vs. linked DOM event type: rationale behind mismatch?

I’m digging into the details of event handling in Babylon and in the DOM.

I have noticed that in my environment, a given Babylon pointer event will exclusively link to one of the following native DOM events: pointerdown, pointerup, pointermove, wheel. See PG.

POINTERDOUBLETAP could for example link to a native ‘dblclick’ event, but instead links to a ‘pointerup’ event.

From a quick look at the source code, it seems like the engine only listens to those four basic events (+ cancel / blur). From there, I assume more complex events such as POINTERDOUBLETAP are derived from the sequence of basic events. I couldn’t find any ‘dblclick’ reference in the code base, which tends to confirm this.

I suppose this allows the library to override browser behavior, e.g. how the browser defines of a double-click, with parameters like InputManager.DoubleClickDelay ?

Am I correct?
Is there more to it?


You are totally correct as it was one of the only way to have it ok with older touch devices.

Adding @PolygonalSun FYI

Thanks @sebavan !