pointsCloud Demo

Hi All ,

Just a small video demo of simply using standardMaterial with property pointsCloud set to true; on 4,000,000 points cloud scan. The 3d scanner is homemade (this is an other story :slight_smile: ).

video on twitter : https://twitter.com/samuelgirardin/status/1328359125546315784/video/1


This is freaking amazing!

Can you share it in the PG? or somewhere live?

Can’t wait to try it!

link : live demo

the 3d lidar is still in wip, I expect to get better scan in the futur (there is an offset with the colors…)
pointsCLoud data is about 90mo (about 30mo gzip by server), points colors are store in a png.
‘q’ and ‘s’ to increase/decrease points size.

The thing :


one draft b&w from outside : http://www.visualiser.fr/pointsCloud1/index.html


this is beautiful!

This is the most incredible demo I have ever seen. My mind is blown! :open_mouth:

This is awesome!!!

I love it !!!