Real time Diamond demo


This is the demo for demonstration of NodeMaterial possibilities. Materials that you see in demo is the just BabylonJS NodeMaterials without any extentions.

Diamond demo by ClickON


Looks great on my laptop! iPhone has some serious flickering going on when camera moves though.

Yes, it can be unstable on Apple devices because they support not all WebGL 2 features. And when you look at it from touch devices, the zoom is unstable because I haven’t fully adapted the demo for mobile devices. Maybe i`ll fix this later.

Beautiful work @simon . Would you be prepared to share the NME shader, with attribution? I’ve been wanting to port an older web 3D project of mine that has a parametric diamond in a ring setting, and it could definitely benefit from this shader. It’s so difficult to realistically approximate the total internal refraction of a cut diamond in real-time 3D, so my hat goes off to you.

Looking closer, it seems you’re using internal geometry to achieve that total internal refraction? That may not work with my parametric diamond (as I’m only building the exterior diamond mesh) … but it’s a stunning effect you’ve achieved however it’s done!

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Yes, it’s right. It is the main hack that I use for emulating inner structure that we see in shaped gems


Yes, you can try using it if it is acceptable to you, and the link to Diamond demo by ClickON, as attribution, will help us create new projects

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Amazing! Runs smoothly on my 2 years old Honor 20 Pro.

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Your thinnizator is amazing too. By the true when i saw it at first time it is explode my brain))


Thanks dude! I was just typing another message to you, that how much I honor guys like you, who are thinking differently, who are not stuck to the common and are introducing such cool hacks as yours to achieve amazing effects! There is always so much to learn! :vulcan_salute:


Beautiful work! I love playing with the colors. Our evangelist @PirateJC is currently OOF but when he gets back I’m sure he’d love to see this one!


Stunning! Wow. Nice job on the controls too, they are perfect.

This looks great! Awesome work :smiley:

There are far too few hearts to click on… :blush:


This is so poetic and romantic :heart_eyes:


@simon - Every time I see a post from you I’m amazed. You are a NME shader wizard!

This is absolutely stunning as usual! Blown away!

Any objection to me adding it to our community webpage?

Of course, I don’t mind. But I would like to make some changes related to camera control on mobile. I’ll write about it here as soon as I find the time to do it. But you can post the link right now.

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I’m just some sad that I can’t post really worthwhile works that my colleagues and I are done on Babylon
:confused: :upside_down_face:

If they’re anything like the demos you have been able to show, then I’m sure they are stunning!

BTW the diamond is now on the community page:


Ok so I heard about this demo but didn’t end up seeing it until today since the bump of the thread.

This is STUNNING and I’m tempted to use this as an art reference for a drawing/painting practice!

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