PointsCloudSystem and Physics


When an object is dropped on a pcs I would like a ripple or wave to propagate through the pcs. Almost like tracking a shockwave through air. Ideally the pcs should alter colour to show the heat map of the the shockwave.

In this PG I have used the PointsCloudSystem to generate surface points and volume points of a cube. I then used those points to create small polyhedron physics impostors at those points.

The object drops and rests correctly on the polyhedron. The next task is propagation of that force through the pcs.

Can this be done with PCS?

As it says

As a particle system the PCS provides some methods to manage the particles. However it is behavior agnostic. This means it has no emitter, no particle physics, no particle recycler. You have to implement your own behavior.

on this page

Here is a simple example of a mesh colliding with the particles


I would say that if you are creating a mesh around each particle then you may as well work with the meshes themselves.


Thanks John!

In this tuning fork demo the 2D particles appear to be linked and damped.


Broadly speaking, how would you tackle something similar in BJS physics?

I may be wrong but I would think any physics system would have difficulty dealing with the multiple interactive forces.

I suspect the simulation you linked to was done with specific coding rather than any available general physics system.

I think looking into cloth simulation might serve as inspiration :slight_smile: Since cloth is usually simulated as a set of “points” that are connected by some constraint and influence each others.

Andrew Hoyer | The Cloth Simulation (wang-hoyer.com)
Cloth Simulation (umd.edu)
Matt’s Webcorner - Cloth (stanford.edu)

Adobe's New Simulation: Bunnies Everywhere! 🐰 - YouTube :exploding_head:

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