Position between camera and model

This is a math problem, when I click on the model, how to set up the position of the camera close to click on the model, but it won’t stick on the model, and only in the front, even if my camera in the back of the model, click on the grid, the chance to return to the front of the grid, and within a difference, and the grid keep a certain distance, toward the grid and when I press the F key, the camera back to the point of birth
https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#MECK03#9 that’s the PG I borrowed@

is similar to this function, but it cannot rotate the front of the model and look at the model after clicking on the model,And, I how to implement by double-clicking, I saw, PointerEventTypes. POINTERTAP.It doesn’t seem to work or he didn’t execute it

Is it not similar to your previous question with the bounding boxes ? I am having trouble to understand the difference.

Basically you want to move your camera towards a selected hotspot and then let a navigation around it ? if it is the case, why not relying on Arc rotate and changing the target + radius to be where it fits the best ?

Smooth Target Transition with a Smooth Move to target is an example of moving the target

It looks like this

Is it what you want or what you have with an issue ? if it is what you already have, what is the issue ?

I want to do something like click, but I don’t know what to do in Babylon

So this might help you: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#7B4S6A#3

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I seem to have to create a TransformNode, and then add my camera to the back of the mesh, so I click on the model, and I want it to rotate right in front of the inverted model

Another question is, I seem to have to set the camera to rotate, right?Let’s say I also want the camera to move up, down, back and forth, left and right through the buttons instead of rotating it through the arrow keys