Possible GUI control onPointerUpObservable issue in Firefox


Open console. Notice lines 32-39… pointerDOWN and pointerUP observing.

For me, pointerUP does not happen… until I move pointer OFF-OF canvas area.

This causes repeated pointerDown clicks on control… to QUIT changing to random colors. it SHOULD change background color with each click, I think. It is failing to do that. It works only once (unless you move pointer off-canvas and back over control, then repeat the click. Then it works every time)

With BJS v3.3, all works fine… repeated clicks on control, changes color each click. It fails in 4.0.3 and latest.

Not sure if this is a bug or expected. Still reporting it… because it is acting strangely. Could be Firefox only. Thx for all verifiers/testers.

Hi @Wingnut

The issue is related to isPointerBlocker that you have to set to true. Here is the PG updated:


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Thx C, good catch. Apparently something changed there… between v3.3 and v4.