Possible Resource Leak and Babylon Crash using Gradient Splat + AR + 7.0

Logging this in case anyone else comes across it before I have a chance to profile and investigate. It will be a few weeks before I can dive into it due to work. I upgraded to 7.0 today and :heart: . The core team rocks!

But, I think I am am seeing is a slow resource leak based on system utilization when using Gradient Splat in AR after the 7.0 upgrade. Ultimately Babylon crashes and reinitializes after a while - though somewhat intermittently. The frequency of crashing seems to get worse as you get closer to the actual splat gradients. I don’t know if its in Splat, AR, or 7.0, or possibly some strange combination of the three but figured I better log it.

I have a test environment if anyone wants to play. Otherwise, I will report back later.

Ideally we could help if you can repro in the Pkayground

I am going to close this for now. In doing more profiling this AM, I think I must be right on the edge of my tablets memory because of how big the SPLAT can get, and the randomness that triggers the crash may be background processes randomly putting me over the memory limit.

I don’t quite understand why Babylon itself crashes and restarts in this case (console indicates the engine restarts and it kicks you back out to the 2D web browser), instead of the browser window, browser, or OS crashing. Though the app crashing is preferable of all the other options!

I am really excited to see Splat Gradients. They are a very useful upgrade for what I have been working on lately. This was a drone run of a local rainforest river near where I lived for the most of the last decade working on scientific robotics. Hard to get the tablet low enough for full res following the drones flight path @ water level running the river canyon. Kept smacking the table with my AR tracking mat on it. But :o exciting to see that forest again.

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