Power saving mode

If you didn’t know yet, you can save power and help save our planet :earth_africa: by stopping the render loop if the user is idle for example. It’s not applicable in all situations obviously. In my scene I just need to update the shadows (I’m doing it every 5 minutes) if there is no user interaction. Simply call engine.stopRenderLoop() to stop and engine.runRenderLoop(() => { scene.render() }) to start. And it’s a quite good idea to detach the mouse from your canvas when stopping the render loop and reattach it when starting it again to prevent unwanted movement after the loop restarts, because the engine is still reacting to the mouse it is just not rendering the output.

EDIT: To make more sense, the last frame stays displayed on the canvas even when you stop the render loop :slight_smile:

Running render loop:

Render loop stopped:

Quite huge difference. :heartpulse: :earth_americas:


There is no “above” without “below”, no “light” without “darkness”, no “advantage” without “disadvantage”. … If you want to save something, then also show ways to be wasteful! :smiley: It results again differently weighted polar phenomena.

How can we increase the speed of rendering? By using multiple PCs, for example, even beyond the local network.

(…) This field has been known as distributed computing, grid computing, cluster computing, and high performance computing. (…)

This way you increase your local power costs, but if you also have access to other computers you paradoxically relieve your own power bill for a breathtaking speed of your programs and visa versa.

In other words, although we increase the power consumption, as a community we reduce the power consumption.

Is this correct or do I have a logical error, Mr. Spock? :slight_smile:

Tools to distribute tasks on remote servers:

Some projects which already use distributed computing:

Oh man, I like your precision and the philosophy in your answers!l But the most I like the little puns, the twists and a bit of trolling :joy::+1::sunglasses: keep them coming…

EDIT: hopefully I get your answers right! Spock out. :vulcan_salute:

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My son was a member of a junior research team at NASA and they’ve discovered a new asteroid using distributed computing, distributed minds, I mean they did a lot of manual work, but the paradox here is, that I had to let him use all our compatible devices to make the background computations 24/7, so this is the opposite case. The distributed approach significantly raised my power bill… Now that’s a paradox on your paradox :rofl:

Would it make sense to run a BabylonJS powered app on a render farm? Is it possible? Quite interesting topic I believe. I was once discussing with David, whether it’s a good idea to render multiple layers on multiple cores, output each to a different canvas and then join them at the end. Parallax rendering?

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Better a bit of t-roll in this forum than a t-rex in the real world! lol

I am with the Dinos :joy:

We should not think in categories of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. This would just limit our creativity. What matters is the end result. What is the purpose of all ower thinking and coding with this bjs? If you know this then all vectors (attention, thoughts, emotions, efforts, strategies, tactics, methods,… ) in this direction is right. And I mean with ‘right’ just the ‘direction to the aim’.

Greetings from V. Ector :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I believe, we have all have a mutated XYZ chromosome :joy: so basically we are the new XYZ-Man :joy: