Preserving textures across engine instances

Long time listener, first time caller. I am working on a babylon-js project within the context of a React app. In an effort to help improve performance, I would like to load textures only once and preserve that across scene/engine disposals. The engine and scene are disposed because the canvas running babylon-js does not exist on all pages in the app. I have investigated serializing the scene, materials etc, but that did not seem to work as the textures are still loaded again (albeit from indexdb now that I am using an offline provider). The current running hypothesis is to extract the canvas outside the react vDOM and just toggle its visibility css upon entering or exiting the babylon-js viewer component. The question I have is that: am I missing something? Extracting the canvas outside the react context strikes me as an anti-pattern

All the gpu resources are not shareable across webgl contexts e.g. canvas on the web :frowning: so you need to keep a canvas/context you are not destroying to share textures and such.