Preventing stretching of the PNG for particles on resize?

Looks like the PNG for particles gets stretched non-proportionally when window is resized. Any tips for making sure that it stays proportional? Two examples below. First one is of particles before a resize. Second is from browser that was loaded smaller and resized to be same size as the first screenshot.

Loaded properly:

PNG gets stretched after browser resize:

Hi @bigrig

I couldn’t reproduce the issue. Can you please provide a playground?

Well shoot. I can’t either!
Not in the playground it seems.
Created this with all the same code and it’s working fine:

Must be some other nastiness in my code somewhere. I shoulda started with a playground. Sorry about that. Will figure it out. Thx!

Did you call engine.resize() after the window resized it is done automatically in the playground with :
window.onresize = () => { engine.resize(); };

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aha! Yep, that was it. Thx so much.