PREVIEW - Unity Starter Assets: Third Person Controller

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Can i trouble you guys for a bit. Please check out this video:

I am trying to make a new Getting Started video and documentation for the new Babylon Toolkit using BabylonJS Version 5. I will be using the new Unity Starter Assets to show how you use the Unity Editor and its assets OUT-THE-BOX for an almost 1 to 1 Unity To BabylonJS development workflow including:

  • HDR/RGBD Packed Skyboxes

  • HDR/RGBD Packed Lightmaps

  • HDR/DDS/ENV Global Environment

  • HDR/DDS/ENV Reflection Probes

  • Optimized Collision Shape System

  • Smooth Triangle Mesh Collision

And more

But one of the BEST FEATURES of all in the toolkit is my complete re-creation of the Unity Mechanim System which includes support for Unity’s Built In Animation Retargeting and Unity Style Animation State Machine:

  • Properties And Layers

  • Transitions And Conditions

  • Blend Trees And Sub State Machines

  • Humanoid And Generic Avatar Masks

And more

The only thing i am missing in my recreation of a Unity Style Animation System for BabylonJS is FootIK. I need to be able to handle the basic Foot Placement to lock feet on the ground with the proper alignment to the ground… Especially slopes. And besides fixing up the BoneIKController to use bone.linkedTransNode instead of the bone… I have no idea what I am doing with Foot IK.

Check out this video (coming soon) of what can be possible with the new Babylon Toolkit and Unity Starter Assets… OUT-THE-BOX

So what I am really asking is, can you help me support Foot IK for the Babylon Toolkit community… Please :slight_smile:


On my side, I have no idea what foot IK is and it would probably also require root motion to work out of the box which I can not see as a simple task :frowning: I am nevertheless up to help integrating any work you could have about the subject, I ll today integrate you ikController changes to support gltf/glbs

Thanks Sebastian :slight_smile:

Check this out, imo its a really nice approach. Citizencon 2017: Teaching a character how to walk on any terrain - YouTube

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Yeah… I saw that too… awesome … and the approach for ray scanning to step over debris on the ground is really slick

player distance traveled per frame + direction x2 (2 future frames worth of movement) as the area of the bounding box. Then blend into a parameterized kind of long jump animation, where the parameters are the height and distance of the object found?

This is great, Mackie. All your work (w unity & babylon) is astounding. the videos are also much appreciated; aggregate them.
I wish I was better w Foot IK for you, I think w the acquisition of Weta, the new Mechinim animation system will be getting major upgrade