Unity Toolkit intro videos and examples

Hey guys, and especially @MackeyK24,

I’ve been looking at the BabylonJS exporter for 2 days now. First of all, great job!
So, looking at all the material available for the Babylon Toolkit, it’s own website, the Babylon reference and it’s related Youtube content and I think that some additional content here and there would be very handy.
Looking at the available material for the U3D to BabylonJS toolkit got me wondering, @MackeyK24 is it a good idea to upload your video material to a youtube channel? People could ‘sort of’ file some bugs and your tool would get much more hype.
And maybe add Game-Developer oriented examples based on and updated by the unity tutorials?
If Im correct, the roll a ball video has been made with an older version and therefore uses different Inherited Classes, which is fine, but someone has to cross-reference that with your how-to-start video.

The following material I’ve found and collected:

  • Your awesome, albeit long, intro video: GettingStarted.mp4
  • 2016 RollABall video 1 (outdated)
  • 2016 RollABall video 2 (outdated)
  • 2016 RollABall video 3 (outdated)
  • Working RollABall game:
  • Not very good twitch Stream about VR, Unity and Babylon: Youtube Usage of tool

Also, this might have been asked before, I had to quickly look through all the posts, is it possible to add this package to the Asset Store? That would be awesome to make the tool more popular as well!

I really really appreciate this tool, I see a lot of potential, but it lacks documentation for someone just starting with BabylonJS (I’m having quite a hard time punching through the Unity/Typescript layer, f.e. to instantiate a simple object.)
From a Unity learning curve perspective I do have to admit, one gets very spoiled looking at their many tutorial videos… Maybe this is something for this tool as well.

Let me know if I can be of any help making this content, videos or setting up the content for the unity example tutorials!


I’m currently reproducing the Roll-A-Ball for the newest Babylon version. If you’re interested, I can share a repo


I’m interested :slight_smile:

Keep a close watch at Github repo

Recreating my project and uploading as Unity package and minimal repro.


I know that @MackeyK24 would love some help on his framework / doc for sure :slight_smile:

Awesome possum, lets get this show on the road!
Finally some way I can use those wannabe dotnet skills for something fun

So guys the project is almost done! Give it a look once I PR the scene files tonight

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