Problem of pixelation of assets on mobile devices (mipmap enable)

HI!) I ran into the problem of pixelation of assets on mobile devices, advised to enable mipmap levels, how to do it in babylon.js? Thank you in advance )

Mipmaps are automatic when loading a texture unless you are expressly asking not to do it (or if you load a DDS with no mipmap)

Pixelation issue on mobile can come from a smaller than expected resolution. you can try to boost it with engine.setHardwareScalingLevel(0.5) to see if it helps

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Thanks, I’ll try)

HI, when setting this value, the animations broke ((and everything became a little dull
On a computer without this value everything is ok, but my computer monitor has a lower resolution than on my phone)
Clarification about broken animations, in the same way they will behave if you put too small a value for blendingSpeed
Delivered a value of 0.7, it seems to be tolerant) I’ll try to also use antialiasing, for meshes

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