Problem With Anchor and Dynamic Menu

Hi Team. I’m trying to change the ANCHOR method on line 55 in the following sample.

After clicking the [private] button, the dynamic color-panel [PANEL] floats free. The manager rotates with the mouse in 3D. However, I want the color-panels to be static relative to the screen, like the RIGHTPANEL (line 74).

I tried adding the PANEL to the advancedTexture and changing the anchor code, but can’t seem to get it working. I’d like PANEL to be on the LEFT side and the RIGHTPANEL to remain on the RIGHT side, like it is. Neither should rotate or move when the mouse position changes.

How can i fix the PANEL to be on the LEFT side or MIDDLE, and keep it from rotating or shifting when the mouse moves?

Hello! You can achieve this through a combination of setting the anchor’s position relative to the camera each frame (so that it doesn’t shift), and billboarding the anchor (so it doesn’t rotate) HoloMenu Test | Babylon.js Playground (


I didn’t know you could do that! That is (dare i say) genius. :slight_smile: Thank you as always for your help.

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