Problem with document style

The current status of website opening:

Is there a problem on the page itself, or are you just looking at the console?

There is indeed an issue in the main API page

The white line here :

Unables the user to select any of the 3 elements under it (NodeGeometryContextualSources, etc, in my case)

It appears to be a footer :

Screenshot from 2024-07-02 11-18-14

sure, i’ll remove it.

there was an update to typedoc, which changed the default styling. All good, on it.

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Yeah I saw this, very nice ! :slight_smile:

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There is an issue with both the main page and pagination of the document, with an extra white line. Looking forward to a new document

Eegine Document Top Blank.


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fix styling and location-hash changes by RaananW · Pull Request #1163 · BabylonJS/Documentation (

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