There is a problem with the page layout of the particleHelper chapter in the official document

Thanks for reporting! We’ll be soon entering a process of reorganizing the docs, so we will avoid making any changes for now, but we’ll fix this after that :slight_smile: I’ll assign to @PirateJC so we don’t forget.


Got it! Thanks for flagging this @brightMoon!

I’ve captured an issue for it in the docs repo and assigned it to myself:

As @carolhmj mentioned, we are RIGHT in the middle of a MAJOR doc restructuring. We’re pausing all non-critical doc fixes for the next 2 weeks until we can get the new docs launched. As soon as that happens I’ll jump right into this! Thanks again for flagging it!

I’ve unassigned myself to the form thread, but assigned myself to the github repo so I won’t forget. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting, this was just resolved. the page is being deployed and will be ready in 5-10 minutes.

Thanks for the modification

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