Problem with Expandable SPS

I’d like to be able to update specific particles on the screen and expand the SPS when I need to.

Weird things happen when I try to do that in this PG:

That is the example from the doc with code added at line 88 and line 103.

Pinging @jerome

What are you trying to do?

This. I don’t want to update every particle when I only need to update one.

You mighty get some stuff out of one of my old playgrounds.

Here is another example that shows the issue I’m dealing with.

The PG creates an expandable SPS with 10 boxes. Every half second a box is positioned. When the last box in the SPS is positioned, 10 more boxes are added to the SPS.

Changing the code to update all particles only when expanding improves things. The first 10 particles are still having issues, though.

It looks a bug.
I’ll investatigate.

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