Problem with rotation

i have made 4000 cubes, and merge them together, the problem is when i want to rotate the merge mesh in Y or other axis it rotate on big orbit and not origin point, what should i do to solve this problem?

@Arash_Bagheri please make a playground illustrating the problem you’re having so community members can help better.

i can’t illustrated on playground because i have a json file which has 4000 cubes specification, and with the help of this json file i have built 4000 cubes. is it possible to show you on screen shot?

in this image the rotation is zero.

and then when i rotate it in Y axis (45 degree) i got the following image:

when i increasing the rotation in Y axis it start to moving on orbit.

this is an example for one cube

Please @Arash_Bagheri avoid creating several threads for the same subject, it makes difficult to follow the discussion (see Rotation in child and parent).


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