Problems to add animation in a plane

Hey everyone! i have in my scene a cylinder and when a click on that it generate a plane.


i already add a exit animation for this plane! but the problem is how can i add multiple animations for this plane? this is my code:

Its possible just create and use a FUNCTION REVEAL OBJECT? IF YES, WHERE I NEED TO EMBED


Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! You could animate the visibility property on the mesh: Mesh | Babylon.js Documentation (

YOU ARE WELCOME :slight_smile:

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Hey carolhmj! thanks for the support! great to know about this possibility!
But my idea is create a pop up menu, i can use the same animation that i did to close
and reverse to use in the load!
The problem is, where i call this reveal animation (e.g: Scale) ?
It´s on the ACTIONMANGER of the object that i clicked to open( in this case is a cylinder)
or its o the pop up menu(plane)?
Or inside of the createPlane() function?

The action manager triggering “Open” should be on the object you click to open.

Ok! CYLINDER its my trigger object that GENERATE a function to create a plane;

the animation for reveal this plane needs to be on the CYLINDER or in the PLANE?

because its something like a ONLOAD method for the plane, but i didnt see any trigger related to ONLOAD just to PICKER.

While the action manager is on the trigger object: “the trigger is launching the action”, the animation needs to be on the animating object.

Actions | Babylon.js Documentation and the playgrounds within should help.

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thank you!!