Need help with action animation tiggers

So the problem is the makeOverOut function, which reads the trigger, but maybe my logic is wrong when trying to use the PlayAnimationAction to play an animation when the trigger is activated. I check to see if the trigger works, and it is, but the animation is not being played.

Can you share this code in a Playground please? Babylon.js Playground (

how do i share it in playground

Copy and paste the code there, click on save and share the link.

Thank you, i linked it on my post

Have you checked if the actual animations themselves are defined correctly?

yes they work i’ve checked, if you switch the close and open door rotations degrees the model will stay at an open state, the hover also works but its after the hover tigger that might have a syntax problem but idk why

Since you want to animate FROM the value that the door has at the moment you hover over it, you can’t create the animations before the hover, as that will have the value of the door on the moment you loaded. Here’s an example with one of the doors: Door Animation | Babylon.js Playground (

Hey, thank you so much; I’ve made it work for both of the doors!