Procedural Subdivision

Has anyone implemented a script for subdividing meshes in a scene?

Gonna take a look at these:

Unless someone has any other thoughts?

We do have a simple version here:

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Cool, cause I started a conversion:

and am pretty close, but if its done Ill use that!

box.subdivide(2) does not seem to be doing anything?

Got it:

Is mesh.increaseFacets not a standard method?

pinging @JohnK for increaseFacets (not yet merge)

(mesh.subdivide is not about simplification but sudbividing the mesh in subMeshes)

You may want to check that: Simplify a Mesh with Auto-LOD - Babylon.js Documentation

I would be happy to get more tools to subdivide meshes

The increaseFacets should serve my purpose. Thank you!

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