Procedurally Generated Shopping Centre

After my attempts at a virtual gallery, I started thinking of other potential real world applications as I don’t really do games. So this is the start of my virtual shopping experience. The shop units are procedurally generated depending on the required number of units and populated from a mysql database. I wanted as much of the shopping experience in 3D, so even the checkout is done in the environment. I now need to learn how to create tracks, to take you from shop unit to shop unit.


Cool concept! This is super super fun idea.

That is a classy looking shop :grinning:. The posters inside the shop units were a really nice touch.

Really nice! :smiley:

Have you considered scraping an online retailer’s website for content to display in the shops?
Display the thumbnail image of the product on the shelf and clicks add it to the shopping cart of said online retailer.
I think Amazon has an API for this sort of thing so you can order stuff from them through your website.
It would be a fun way to populate your shop shelves, attract users and (i think) get a referral fee for products purchased.

I think I’m going to aim the service at small traders, with specialist products. Preferably items that are sold in cubes or tubes :wink:
My next stage is to allow users to request a lease for a unit, through the virtual environment. I think I will use the ‘cash register’ object to capture the necessary data. I think I will then have a virtual lorry pull up outside their unit, to allow them to select their stock objects … My eldest son calls my concept, gamification of the online shopping experience !! … I quite like that idea :slight_smile: