Project Midnight: Verizon - 2 Day Event

Check out what we are doing with the Babylon Toolkit 4.2

2 Day Event To Launch Verizon 5G.

Play The Escape Room


Yo @Deltakosh, @sebavan, @bghgary, @JCPalmer, @Wingnut

If you can, check out the Verizon Escape Room Project made with Babylon Toolkit And React

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GG Congrats !!!

Its been a wild ride in the amount of time we had! Make sure yall check it out before they take it down after this weekend!

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@PirateJC worth a look!!!

Once you get into the lobby… Try the Escape Room (The actual babylon.js scenes) from the side menu or find the black Project Midnight door in the main lobby.

Let me know what you think, were you able to finish the escape room puzzles or not… ???

Did anyone just give up escaping the rooms… ???

Was is just too hard … ???

Or were the technical problems keeping you from getting into the actual escape rooms… ???

Looking for feedback (Good or Bad) :slight_smile:

I’m in :slight_smile:

This is MASSIVE! I love it buddy! YOu did an amazing job


Ok I managed to restart the system

my only bad experience is that sometimes going back to walk after watching a postcard is not smooth (you feel stuck)

There was a team of us @Pryme8, @ozRocker and @bruuuuuno

Update: I cant believe i forgot @mariano … Technical artist who put all the scenes together in Unity :slight_smile:


i’m so proud of this project! wouldn’t have been able to do it without the great guys i found on these forums or this amazing framework

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Wow team this is really incredible work!!! Seriously impressed with this!

I’m part way through it now, but quick question.

Any interest in us featuring this in the 4.2 release video?

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congrats all. This is really good!


my only bad experience is that sometimes going back to walk after watching a postcard is not smooth (you feel stuck)

Yeah, we gonna work on that script component that handles that :slight_smile:

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@Deltakosh… Did you try the english or french version … If French, how was the translations, the subtitles and modal popups ?

I used English unfortunately

Guys, this game is sublime! You’ve done an incredible job!
I’m testing the French version, for me the subtitles are very good.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m going to make it to the end of the game: with my very slow internet connection the loading is endless. :cry:

It was an honour to work with and learn from the best in the business! Thanx @bruuuuuno @MackeyK24 @Pryme8 I’ve levelled up!


All 3D content developed using the Babylon Toolkit 4.2 - Pro Edition (Beta 17)

Features Include:

  • HDR/RGBD Skyboxes

  • HDR/RGBD Baked Lighting

  • DDS/ENV Reflections Probes

  • Animation State (Unity Style Transitions And Conditions)

  • Navigation Agents (Unity Style Navigation Set Destination)

  • Pre Baked Recast Detour Binary Navigation Mesh Surfaces

  • Babyon Script Components (Unity Style Components And Life Cycle)

  • Complete Artwork Designer Workflow (Include 3rd Party Designer Tools)

  • Supports Total Team Development (Art, Level Design, Scripting)

  • Supports Unity Collaborate, Github and Bitbucket


I think we may have to ask the client this one @MackeyK24

@bruuuuuno connected me, so I’m all good. Hopefully we’ll get a yes! :wink: