My Office And Maze Project

Hello to everyone :raising_hand_man:t3:

I want to share a project I did here about 5 months ago. There are a lot of projects missing. I’ve been busy with Babylon, 3D models and materials for 5 months. I’ve been passing a lot of time especially with PBR material recently. For now, I am sharing this old project with you. In the future, I will share my new project. And you’ll see the big difference. :smirk:

This project is missing:

  • The size is too much.
  • Textures are of poor quality.
  • Missing reflections to make the windows and labyrinth realistic.
  • The entrance door of the office would open and close with the sensor. This is also missing.
  • Texture overlays are incorrect. So I couldn’t assign new texture to some places. (Eg computer.)

In my next project:

  • Low textures high quality work.
  • Plenty of PBR material. (Reflections are important)
  • Everything that is missing in the first project will be more in my next project.
  • Nice maze game. (Maybe in the labyrinth there are ghosts and zombies)


  • Five months ago I did and my unfinished project:
    My Office


  • I learned a lot about BABYLON and especially pbr material during the 5 month. It’s time to apply what I’ve learned.

I am very happy to be in this family. I want to guide for Babylonjs in Turkey. For this I will write articles about Babylonjs in my blog. :sunglasses:

Feel free to comment. Thanks for everything :hugs:


Exellent! We are glad to have you with us too! No chance that your articles will be in english ?:slight_smile:

One thing, I got stuck at the end of the wooden bridge, and couldn’t move anymore. So check that :smiley: Keep up with good work.

Thanks for the nice comments. :hugs:

@Deltakosh Turkish language Babylonjs source might be nice for the rapid spread in Turkey, I thought. But I can add multi-language support to articles. Or I can reserve a place for English. I will definitely consider this proposal :pray:t3:

@nogalo In my next project I will pay more attention to all of this :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
This is my project 5 months ago. And there are many shortcomings. My inexperience work. :sweat_smile: