4.2 Release Video - Community Contributions

Hey Everyone! We’ve got big news! We have an official date for our next release!

Babylon.js 4.2 will “officially release” on November 12th 2020!!! So exciting!

Like we’ve done in the past, we’re sending out a call for content to this amazing community. We’ll use this thread as the official place where you can submit your amazing Babylon.js creations for consideration to be shown/included in our upcoming release video and marketing material. If you want your work shown off to the world…this is the thread for you!

Can’t wait to see what everyone submits! This probably goes without saying, but submitting your work to this thread means that you’re giving us your permission to include this work in our next release video. :slight_smile:

You all rock!


We are using Babylon for showing various 3D, educational content in our VIVED Learning Platform. You will have to register but you can check it out here: https://ouzel.vivedlearning.com/.


Awesome to see Vived back on the list again this release! We love what you guys do!

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Hello Babylon team! When is the deadline to submit video/marketing material? We are preparing a little something and having a deadline will help plan for it :slight_smile:

I guess November 1st would be a safe deadline.

Just to make it nice and easy, let’s call it Friday October 30th!

Hey cool. It’s not the most pretty, but I like it


Hello @PirateJC,
I am lead producer at Zoan Oy, a finnish XR studio and I am leading several implementations of VR for web. Recently we lead a development using BJS for a tour in the main street of Helsinki, in parnership with the Helsinki Design Week 2020, allowing visitors to tour in 3 art installations from their mobile devices and browser. This is part of a bigger project we call Mobile Virtual Helsinki. Below some links:

Looking forward for the new release!


@Giovanna_Casimiro this is AWESOME! thanks so much for the submission and the fantastic work!


Proud to contribute on it!


Well @PirateJC, I’ve been around here since 2014 so you could use my original creation updated to add a skybox :

The Blue lady

Click on the scene to start.

Or my latest creation The Little Train

Six years of creating with Babylon.JS, and hopefully maybe bringing a new person to the forum board.

Both run with BJS 4.1 library. Not sure where I get the 4.2 version?

Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:


Hi @PirateJC, Age of Ascent is fully Babylon.js

Current trailer

We run playtests every 2nd Saturday for 30mins; next is on Sat 26 Sept 2020 at 7pm UTC

Or localised: 12 noon PDT (Seattle), 2pm CDT (Memphis), 3pm EDT (New York), 8pm BST (London), 9pm CEST (Paris)

Last Playtest

Looking to launch on Steam early 2021 using Electron and greenworks also Windows Store and of course the Web

Also a follow up launch on XBox when it supports WebGL2/Edgium Edge :eyes:


That is effing GOOD man! Congratulations to the team!!!

Hopefully soon :wink:

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@benaadams - Huge congratulations to you and the team on this huge milestone! It looks AMAZING! Thanks for sending this over for submission!

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Adding This amazing tabletop RPG system from Playtable

Don’t forget about Summer’s Festival Hanabi
and RooftopRampage!!! https://drigax.github.io/RooftopRampage


Hope to be able to add a few more before the release, but here’s videos of some of the digital dice we’ve released on D&D Beyond using BabylonJS 4.1.

Default Dice Rolling - D&D Beyond Digital Dice - Alpha Out Now - YouTube
Glacial Dice (PBR only) - Glacial Dice Set | D&D Beyond - YouTube
Mythic Dice (Animations, Material animations, node materials, particle effects w/ custom shaders) -Mythic Dice Set | D&D Beyond - YouTube
Dice of Healing (Node Materials with inputs animated via Animation system, and custom uniforms) - Dice of Healing Set | D&D Beyond - YouTube
Archmage’s Favor (ShaderMaterials and animations) - Archmage's Favor Dice Set | D&D Beyond - YouTube
Blacksmith’s Set (PBR Only) - Blacksmith's Dice Set | D&D Beyond - YouTube

View the Mythic set in 3d at Mythic Dice Set - Digital Dice - Marketplace - D&D Beyond


Yes! Awesome! So glad to see D&D Beyond on here! Thanks for submitting these!!!

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very cool!