Projected textures without light?


Is there a built-in way in Babylon.js to project textures without having the spotlight light spot (no lighting, just the texture)?

Here is how we want it:

And here is how it is in BJS right now (I found no way to have only the texture projected, without the light spot):

Tuning down the spotlight intensity will also tune down the projected texture. Tuning up will show more and more the light. So, what we need is to project the texture as if it was emissive, but without the spotlight at all.

So, any way to disable the spotlight intensity but keep the projected texture?

I considered using decals, but that adds some complexity to add and update on many different meshes, also I’m not sure about its performance impact. Maybe it is currently the only way, but is it?

Note: the environment is using PBR materials.


cc @Evgeni_Popov @sebavan

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I think this thread can be useful:

I also think we should revisit this for 7.0 and do something in the core, either being a flag on the spot light or a new Projector class… cc @sebavan


I wonder if a projector class could be extracted but used by the light to keep features well separated ?

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In this specific case, the partner ended up accostuming and liking the way it is. We will just tweak angles, speeds etc and it’s done.

Nevertheless, the projected-only feature will be nice to have when possible, I believe.

Thank you.