Proper use of moveToVector3

Hello everyone,
I want to have a length of polygon lines in the middle of each line, I wanted to take the middle point between two vertices and then use moveToVector3 to link GUI text with this middle point. I got an error that says Cannot move a control to a vector3 if the control is not at root level. and I really don’t know how to make this control root level. I didn’t found any example.

here’s the playground:
lines 84 and 266 is the problem.

Also, I was thinking about making a little spheres in the middle of lines and then link GUI text to it and that would solve the issue. But maybe there’s better solution.

The sphere idea might be a good one, I am looking into your PG to see if there is an easy fix.

The error message will arise if you are trying to move a children in the GUI. You can only use this to move the top level element.

I made it like this
It works but it’s a pity that I couldn’t make dynamic lines length calculation (too much for my pc to create and dispose sphere multiple times while dragging).