Add GUI Control linkWithMesh to link with TransformNode


I am attempting to have better control over where my labels go. My method so far has been to create empty’s in blender and then when exporting, they are imported into the scene as Transform Nodes. I can get them to link with GUI controls as demonstrated here (
However, this is kind of messy and as you can see, the only thing that needs to be added is that a TransformNode needs bounding info, specifically it’s center.

I have tried to use linkOffsetX/Y but just don’t really like how they work when zooming in/out, especially a lot. Is there a way to add this in to the beta, and if not, perhaps a better way than what I am currently doing to just add on to the transform node that property?


it will be fixed in next nightly. You will be able to directly use transformNode directly :slight_smile:



I just got around to testing this and found a bug I think.

It seems that when linking with a Transform Node, the text ends up about double off from where I would expect it to be.

let me check!

Ok bug found…will be fix in next nightly:)